Monday, July 2, 2012

Craft Wars!

Say what?!?  Have you heard about this new Craft Wars show on TLC?  Because I'm love with it.  Perhaps my favorite part is how many of my family/friends that know my diehard love of crafting have seen it and commented about it to me.  Even one of Mr. J.G.'s dude friends (who shall remain un-named for my well being) said he saw a few minutes of it (of couse with the caveat that there was nothing else on TV, blah blah blah...yeah right, we're totally getting him a glue gun for the next holiday).  So basically, crafting is taking over the world and more and more people are becoming believers.  I have a feeling all of my friends will want hot glue gun stickers for their cars now...

First off, love me some Tori Spelling.  She's cute and I'm secretly planning to name our kids the same names as her kids...Stella for a girl and Liam for a boy.  Well, Liam isn't set...and Stella could still be an Olivia.  Or the other day I heard the name Marlow for a girl and sort of fell in love with it.  Anyway, back on point...

Have you seen that craft closet???

You can look at the whole thing up close here...,default,pg.html.

The start of the show coincides perfectly with my craft room redo at I was thrilled to see some of my own at home inspiration in the show.  Look at those card catalogs...those look awful familiar...

This is a picture from my living room.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I got this guy off of craigslist...but I feel like Craft Wars in some sick way has justified my purchase to the world.  It will be so perfect for craft storage and I also just love how it reminds me of looking up books in elementary school.  There's also something really funny about how everyone under the age of 25 has no idea what in the world it is.  Now to convince Mr. J.G. to move this very large, heavy item to my new craft room in the basement...eeek.

From what I can tell there's also a small toaster oven in the Craft Wars craft closet...I could see how that would be useful for baking fimo clay, shrinky dinks, etc.  I'll stick with my normal oven and avoid creating a new fire hazard in my craft room on this one. 

There's also some industrial size rolls of brown paper.  I discovered these the other day at home Depot for like $10.  Color me excited.  Will def be purchasing soon.  I still need to find the dispensers for them...may have to hit up the interwebs for that one.

Ok, well beyond the craft closet and into the actual show, for week one I was pretty impressed.  I was really concerned that they'd get dumb people on there doing really silly crafts (and I take my crafting quite seriously).  But it seemed like they actually had some pretty talented people that came up with cute ideas.  Look at this playhouse that won!

Adorable.  The yardstick shutters were probably my favorite.  The lady who made it was creative, neat, and had talent.  Much appreciated.  I also love kid's playhouses.  It makes me want kids.  But then I go eat at a restaurant and get sat next to a table of kids and remember that I'm not in a hurry to have kids after all. 

However, the loser was kind of ridic...I mean come on...this is a mod podge bus of disastor...

I'm not trying to be mean..I'm all about supporting my fellow crafter.  But seriously people, mod podge is not always the answer.  I also think that something like this is what gives crafters a bad name and makes them think this show is ridiculous.  At least she didn't win.  But really, tennis racket bag lady should have beat her out to the finals anyway.  I would imagine that while her house may have fallen down and injured the children due to poor construction, at least it would be a gluey sticky mess of mod podge.

By the way...any plans for July 4th???  Come see me in the A.M. at the Prairie Village Villagefest Craft Fair.  I'll be the one that looks oddly excited to be outside in the estimated 104 degree heat on asphalt peddling my wares.  Here's the website complete with a downloadable schedule of events  There will be tons to do for the whole if your sig other's feel the same way about craft fairs that mine does, then they can go eat funnel cakes or get balloon animals or something else.  Here's a sneak peak of what I worked on this weekend (complete with my display up and running...super exciting).

And with that, I leave you to get excited about this week's Craft Wars.  I'm hoping for some use of embossing tools this week...embossing really isn't getting the love it deserves.


  1. Hi Rae! Love your blog, and your Etsy shop. Your work is so inventive, colorful, and unique, love it all!
    Wish I could check out your booth....I cannot do the heat at all, I get really sick. Are you going to be taking/posting any pics of it?
    Good luck, hope you sell EVERYTHING and have ORDERS!
    From one crafter to another...
    Aunt Penny

    1. Yeah it will be pretty hot for sure! I'm definitely planning to get a ton of pictures..if I sell one thing I'll be happy!

  2. If it is not one million degrees, I want to come see you on the Fourth in PV!

    I would really really like to buy parchment paper like that brown paper from home depot and for that cheap too!

    1. I'm sure it will be crazy hot, but hopefully you can come out! We need to find those holders for the paper rolls that allow you to rip off clean pieces...