Monday, July 23, 2012

Poker Run

This is a completely non-crafting/non-girly post.  It's about bikers and being tough and wearing shirts with no sleeves and being sweaty and wearing a bandana...and lots of other tough things too.  Just dudes read this blog and I don't think I get a lot of biker chicks either.  So...there will be some crafty references after a few obligatory sweaty bike pics.

Mr. JG was in a Poker Run on Saturday for a great cause.  I volunteered to work one of the stops which entailed watching sweaty motorcycle men pull cards and then marking their sheets.

Here are a few pics from the event...

Here was a handful of the motorcycles at the stop I worked.  It was really hot again (triple digits) which I'm sure drove some people away but it was still a pretty decent turnout.

Here's everyone riding off....I stood at the edge of the parking lot belting "born to be wild" out at the top of my lungs as they rode away.  Just kidding...Mr. JG would have been mortified...but I really really wanted to!

Here's one more...I included this last one because that's my man in the very front of the pack leading them to the last stop.

Alright...enough of that motorcycle to the good stuff!  There were a couple of books about growing a crafting business that I've been wanting to get off of recently but then I stopped by my small town library and BAM...they had both (and a book about making pincushions)!  Color me excited.

I've already started the Handmade Marketplace book and it's been so helpful that I'll probably end up purchasing it so I can refer to it come tax time.  I highly recommend it if you're starting a small crafting business (even just a simple etsy shop) because it has some great tips for marketing, tracking sales and inventory, and write-offs and other things you'll need to know for taxes.  Here's more info about it on amazon.

Alright, that's all..hope you got your fill of sweaty biker dudes because that probably ain't happening again (at least until the next Poker Run)...

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