Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Seven: Car Sticker

First thing's first...this project is once again 100% stolen, borrowed,, it's really stolen from my new fav crafting blog, a girl and a glue gun:  As you'll see, about half of my projects come from her blog.  I promise I will be branching out (as I did yesterday with my birdcage and felt flowers) but I already had the materials for this project and really really needed it! was a need, not just a want.  Plus I've got to keep crafting on if I'm going to hit my new year's resolution!

Here's the thing.  Where I work...there are about 3 other identical vehicles (down to similar license plates) that park in the same lot as I do.  So, on more than one occasion, I have literally walked up to someone else's car and spent a good minute trying to figure out why the door won't unlock.  It's embarassing and I may get hauled in for questioning soon.  So..time for a car sticker!

I needed something that would embrace my love of all things crafty. it is:

That's right...this should be something all too familiar for my fellow crafters.  It's a glue gun.  I had the vinyl from my other Cricut projects, and while parting with this much vinyl was tough (although I saved every possible scrap for future small Cricut projects), it was well worth it.  Now you may ask, am I really that talented as to have drawn such a realistic, in fact life sized, glue gun?  Of course not!

That's right...I simply traced my glue gun (in all actuality, it's my mom's glue gun that I stole from her about 15 years ago and have grown awful attached to...sorry mom!) on the reverse side of the vinyl.  Make sure to lay it in the opposite direction of how you want it to go on your car. 

Now..I'm seriously contemplating adding some Cricut letters underneath like, "Crafter For Life" or "Keep Calm and Craft On" or "I'd rather be crafting" but I feel like I'm already on the verge of looking like a crazy person (maybe over that line) so I don't want to push it too much further or my fiance may refuse to ride in my car all together!

Happy Crafting, folks!

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