Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dogs and Totes

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday...ready for my excuses?

(1) having major tum issues (both yesterday and today) so I really don't want to do much of anything

(2) it was 107 degrees when I got into my car after work yesterday, which would have been fine except the air conditioner at work was BROKEN ALL DAY so I literally just sat in a hot office sweating

Here's what though...I've still gotten a few things done to show you.

I made some custom dog hooks...

Including one for my future sister in law.

She might not be super pleased that her picture is on the blog, expect it's a great picture of her, so I'm posting it.

These leashes and things sign all started with my mom's sign (a mother's day present) -

Personalized Pet Leashes & Things Hooks

Want one?  Well you're in luck...they're on my etsy site!  Check them out and buy one or something :) 

Okay, enough with the shameless plug.  You may be thinking, what about Petey, where's his leashes and things board?


Just kidding, this is a toy that he ate.  I haven't made him one.  It's like the kid who's mom makes the coolest things for all the other kids but then doesn't have enough time to make one for him...right?  He doesn't seem to mind.  By the way, this toy was marketed as indestructible and made out of fire hose...this is Petey destroying it.

Oh and one more thing I've been wanting to brag about but have never quite found a post to fit it into (it still doesn't fit, but I need to get my brag on)...look what my sister got me for my birthday

How cool is this?  Completely personalized!  I love to use it and I think it will be great for some upcoming the BASEHOR-LINWOOD CRAFT FAIR!  That's right kids, yours truly was approved (my application was juried...I like to pretend it was an arduous process when really they were probably just make sure I wasn't reselling McDonald's toys).  So...if you're around on November 3rd and thinking, man, I'm super bored and think I want to head to Basehor, KS...but whatever will I do there???  Come visit me!!!  I'm sure I'll talk more about it moving forward and continue to beg you to come.  Remember, this one will be indoors and not in 100 degree weather :)

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