Sunday, July 22, 2012

A few new local favorites

I went to a few new local places recently and they have quite quickly become favorites for me.  Here's a little break down...

(1) made in Lawrence, KS (on Mass St.)

They've been there for a little over a year and it's a super cute place (they even have their own facebook page that they regularly update with pics of merchandise).  They sell all local handmade stuff so it's basically like Etsy in a store.  This means a few things (a) I was super bummed that it was my lunch break and I had ordered pad thai and zen zero to go before I walked in so I only had about 15 minutes to look around, (b) I want everything, (c) it can be a bit pricey since it's handmade stuff...nothing too outrageous when you think about the time that went into making everything, but definitely pricey enough that I could not in fact purchase everything (see b above).

My main goal was to get my mom a birthday present and I think I did pretty good.

So this is quite possible the oddest assortment of things, but here goes...

I got her some almond milk body lotion that she's already used and said was pretty awesome.  I love me some almond milk body products so I figured this would be a success.

There's some handmade soap that smelled pretty delightful (while I didn't take the price tag off in this picture, I did take it off before giving it to her...phew).

The thing in the background is a tea towel (see, I said it's an odd assortment of things)...let's get a closer look...

I love a good chevron and I like the colors in this one.  Plus I figured it would be handy to have around for a bread basket, etc.

Lastly, I got a small wood crate mostly just to package everything in (and because I figured it would be cute somewhere in her kitchen).

Here is it all packaged and ready for her to open.  Moral of the story..if you're in Lawrence and on Mass St and have some time to kill, go to made.  Tell 'em Rae sent you...or not, they don't know me.  BUT, I did spend a while talking to the owner who graduated from the same law school as me so that was cool...and inspiring.  Nice to see another non-lawyer/crafty type with a law degree.

(2) Westport Flea Market

It's not fancy, but the burgers are delicious.  We went there on Saturday to celebrate my mom's ended up being a girl's lunch with my nieces, mom, sister, and granny...4 generations.  We all got mini burgers and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Here are a few of my fav pics from the afternoon...

Hah, so I know my sister won't be super pleased with this picture of her daughter..but I love it.  She refused to smile when she saw I was taking her picture, but then as soon as I took it we both started giggling.

That kid loves ketchup.  That was only way I could get a picture of her without her pacifier in...with a face full of ketchup :)

And finally...4 generations of women in my family.  We're sweet as pie but don't cross us dammit!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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