Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pretending I have it all together...

You know what's a lot of fun but also super stressful?  Planning a wedding.  Yeah kids, another wedding post.  Sorry 'bout that...but thems the breaks, kid.

I'm not at all stressed about the getting married part.  I'm super excited to be taking Mr. JG's last name (and keeping my maiden name as a middle name, of course) and I'm super excited to be with him forever and grow old and have babies and watch his chicken legs out mowing our yard when he's an old man.  Don't worry..he doesn't read the blog...he won't see the chicken leg comment.  Although I am a little concerned about marrying a liar.  See, here's how I know he's a liar.  He claims I snore...clearly FALSE!  I have a feeling he's hearing Petey from the other room or something because there is no way I snore.  None.  Completely a lie.

Alright, back to the wedding stuff.  We have a wedding planner.  She's a day of coordinator that basically helps keep us from losing our minds during the actual wedding.  I'm quickly realizing I should have won the lottery and hired her to plan the whole wedding..but alas, here we are.  Well we met with her on Friday.  We started the meeting by talking about how not stressed out we were and how we have all our shit together (sorry for the language, but trust me, you'd be cussing and drinking if you were planning a wedding too!).  WRONG.  She started going over timelines and cake cutting and champagne toasts and before you know it, Mr. JG and I realized we were way out of our league.  This means that my to do list for wedding stuff is growing at a rapid pace...

Oh and speaking of weddings...hey Rae, how's that wedding diet going?

Pretty awesome, thanks for asking!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete mess when it comes to wedding planning.  I already have the bridesmaid's gifts done and wrapped.  I even took picture of everything for an awesome post (that I clearly can't publish until after I give them as gifts).

In the meantime, I also have to find ways to do other craft projects to keep my mind busy.  I also get a bit wedding project'ed out and have to mix 'er up a bit.  The other day I went on a little craft store shopping spree (kinda) and got a few cute things...

Super cute Amy Butler fabric (Amy Butler is my absolute fav!) that I made a camera strap with..I took plenty 'o pictures for a blog post later this week about that.

I also got an Amy Butler book...

I love bags and I've already decided I will definitely be making some Christmas gifts from this book (get excited ladies!).

Oh and then the other day we were at JoAnn's and I picked up a box of blank folded cards.  I've been wanting to expand my Etsy shop beyond family boards and lanyards....and I had an idea.

I love the look of sewn paper and I've been wanting to play around with it for a bit.  I know the bunting is a bit overdone right now...but it's quickly becoming a Jane's Girl theme (blog template, some new business cards I found on zazzle) so I figured I'd carry it over to a cute little card.

More to come..I hope!

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