Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden Favorites and a few new items in the shop

You know what's really awesome...having a garden.  We're definitely putting some raised beds in our backyard next year so that we can have freh produce right in our own backyard (and not just in the community garden).

The other night I was left to my own devices for tomatoes straight out of my garden plot became a big component of it!

Yep...this was a lot of my dinner (or at least the appetizer).  One of my plants grows yellow cherry tomatoes, they are pretty awesome.  But that big red one in the background was definitely the best.  I will usually just sit in the garden, hose off my tomatoes right off the vine, and then eat them.  It's just been so hot recently that the tomatoes right off the vine are pretty warm inside. 

And when I say hot..I mean really hot...

Almost too hot to play in the backyard (and yes, our grass is all burned up even though we have a sprinkler system and water 3 times a week...super annoying).
Oh and here's what else, I've added something new to my Etsy shop...

This is basically a wall hanging - the jars can hold flowers, kitchen utensils, etc.  I had these displayed at the Craft Fair earlier this month and they definitely got a lot of interest.  I played around with aging the paint and I liked how it came out.

And one more thing (I didn't post anything yesterday so let's add some meat to this post)'s another wedding project I just finished!

Table numbers!  I made some a while ago and had a tutorial for them (here) but the more I looked at them the more I decided they looked awful industrial and probably not quite the feel we wanted.  So I made these but just printing out some numbers in a super fun font (available for free download here - super easy to download and install, if I can do it anyone can!) on card stock, then chopping them up and sticking them into mason jars as frames.  I like the looks of these a lot more and it means that I can re-do my larger mason jars with something a little more romantic and pretty...

I would create a tutorial on these..but I sort of just played around with the twince until it created a nice figure 8 pattern on the jar.  Then I added the ribbon to finish it off.  Here's a close up...

Now you may be thinking...jeez lady you just re-did a project?  Uh, yes.

Is this normal?  Uh, yes.  I also re-did the menu board I originally created here for this new and improved version here.

Oh, and TGIF!  Anyone have big weekend plans?  I'm volunteering to help out with Mr. J.G.'s Poker Run tomorrow which means there will probably be pictures of sweaty bikers on Monday (it's supposed to be another hot one).  So get excited ladies... :)

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