Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Special Kind of Shout Out Sunday

I wanted to do a shout out Sunday today..but there's really only one thing I can give a shout out too...all of my wonderful friends and family.  Yesterday was my birthday (I turned 29...eeek) and everyone was so great!  I had a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend that just keeps continuing.  My Facebook was getting blown up all day with a lot of sweet birthday wishes.  It was so nice to see close friends from high school writing messages right next to people I've met within the last year.  Now that is a great birthday present.

I've also been super busy at home!  I got everything unpacked from the craft fair and my newly remodeled craft room is looking's a sneak peak

I've basically taken over our walk-out basement with my crafts.  I plan to have a dedicated post to it this week to talk about the huge craft table and some of the storage methods I'm trying out.  Needless to say, this craft room has made a huge change in how I craft - the work space and room to organize has given me the ability to do so much more!

Oh, and did you notice how nice and crisp that picture is (especially compared to my normal photography)?  Well Mr. J.G. gave me a complete surprise present of an SLR camera...and it's pretty much changed my life.  I've already taken over 100 pictures on it in the last day and a half.  Here are a few of my favs...

Oh and here's a project that I'll have a tutorial over later in the week - it was a super simple wine bag that I made for an engagement party we went to yesterday.  But geez look how crisp that photo is.  I am certainly not claiming to be a great photography (I took a few classes in high school and loved it, but I'm not Earl Richardson...our wedding photographer, who kicks ass) but with this camera it's fun to play around and take pictures beyond my normal craft projects.

Alright, go enjoy your lazy Sunday!  It's been well over 100 degrees here every day for the last two weeks but today we're supposed to have a cold front and only be in the 90s.  Ahh, Kansas weather.  Gotta love it!

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