About Me

Oh hey, want to know more about the crazy person writing this blog?  Ok, I'll tell ya...

This is me..Rae

No, I don't normally wear a bib talking about my sweet legs, I was just at Joe's Crab Shack that night.

I love all things crafty.  My granny taught me the fundamentals of crafting as a kid: (1)if all else fails just hot glue it; (2) hoard away anything and everything, you may use it at some point!; (3) if you see something really cute at the store, don't just buy it...you can probably make it yourself.

My partner in crime in the crafting world, or rather the person that watches me hoard away old cereal boxes and t-shirts while not so silently judging, is my husband, Chris.  See, here's Chris

No, he isn't normally miserable. In fact, he wasn't even miserable that day, he was just trying to look crabby to match his bib.  Oh, and he was wearing a bib..that's bound to make anyone a little crabby.

But look...normally we are happy

And yes, I normally do have a big glass of wine in front of me, too!

We have three children.  They are all adopted and we love them very much. 

Here's Petey with his favorite thing ever...

BONES!  We were bragging about our extreme couponing score in this picture.  Petey is 85 pounds but thinks he's 10 pounds.  He likes to sit on my lap a lot.

What?  Did you think I meant human children?  Nah...haven't crossed that bridge yet.

He's a snuggle bug

We also have Ludo

He really likes to unroll entire rolls of toilet paper.  He also likes to write me letters

Seriously, I did wake up to this sitting on the kitchen counter one morning.  Apparently Chris was sick of changing the litter box.

And finally, there's Olive

Aww, isn't she so cute and sweet?  Well, you're correct in that she's cute and little and only weighs like 7 pounds.  But she is about as tough as they come.  She regularly beats up on the 85 pound Pit Bull to the point where we have to tell her to be nice and quit picking on him.  He's terrified of her.

And that is my little family.  We live in a small town in Kansas.  I craft in my free time while Chris washes his car, works on random things around the house, or gets stuck assisting with a craft project.  I love every minute of our lives together.