Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yarn Storage on the Cheap

I love a good deal.  If something is super cheap (or better yet free), I purchase it.  Just ask Mr. J.G.  I'm a hardcore hoarder and and sucker for a good deal.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I'm working dilligently to create the best craft room ever in our house (relocated, bigger, better, probably the best..ever).  Anyway, I'm also trying to adjust my craft storage so that it looks nicer, more things are visible and tidy, and everything is easy to get to.  I found this great idea the other day on Sew Many Ways to make yarn storage out of a french drain pipe.  It's super cheap and easy and came out pretty good...see...

So the first thing I did was run out to Lowes and grabbed the cheapest piece of french drain I could find - $5.50!  See, I was super excited about it...

Then once I got home I did the following:

(1) measure the depth of my bookshelf - I decided that 11" pieces of pipe would fit just inside the shelf

(2) cut the drain pipe into 11" pieces using a little hand saw (this makes a mess becuase the plastic kind of shreds...so be prepared to clean it all up afterward)

(3) hose off the pieces of drain pipe and let them dry outside (they were already kind of filthy anyway, and then after cutting they had the little bits of plastic particles all over them)

(4) line them up on the shelf and fill them with yarn!

One drain pipe cut at 11" pieces was exactly enough to fill this small shelf.  I'm thinking I may go get another drain pipe and create a bigger area now that I know it works so well.  I still have a ton of yarn left to put away too.  I also think it would be great for a bunch of other things as well...

Have fun!

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