Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Shoutouts

Just a few shout outs on this lazy Sunday...

How cute is this banner?  The ladies from Uncommon did a guest post on Brassy Apple and shared this awesome tutorial!  Looks like it would be really cheap to make, but looks so nice.  There's something very quaint and small-town about July 4th decorations that I really love.

I love using those large paper mache letters for decorating - they're super cheap and make a nice bold statement.  Check these out (great use of scrap fabric too!) over at Bergs in the Burbs.  I've been wanting to paint our laundry room orange and do something similar...but so far I can't convince Mr. J.G. that an orange laundry room will look awesome.  Perhaps this cute picture of another bold color will do the trick...

It has been SOOOO hot and humid this lemonade looks extra delightful to me!  Recipe is over at Craftberry Bush.  I'll definitely be trying this over the weekend!

Also, big doings in our house...  We've relocated (well, we're still relocating as we speak) my craft room within the house.  I'll definitely post all about it once the move and decorating is done...but let's just say my craft room with quadruple in size and I'll have multiple workstations for all my different projects.  Needless to say, I'm beyond excited!

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