Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Shoutouts

Here are some projects/ideas/beautiful things I must try...

straight from - Chris would love this organization in the garage (and it'd be way cheaper than those expensive organizers at Home Depot we've been eyeing)

how cute is this whole setup???  This comes from - go check it out!  Love the bright colors - wish I had room for this in my kickass craft room!

I don't have kids...but my sister I see this helping...a lot..someday.  Just Sew Sassy came up with a great tutorial for this guy.

Wow - I love this idea for organizing scrap paper!  This comes from I Love My Three Sons - her whole art room is amazing  but this may be my favorite part!  I LOVE looking at craft rooms/art rooms and seeing where people create.  It gives me great ideas for my craft room.


Now I know most everyone has seen these before - but I love them and have been wanting desperately to have a wall of them in my craft room.  I also think they'd be adorable in a nursery.  Purl Bee has a tutorial for us - taking out all the guess work.

and one final shoutout...


To all the dad's on father's day...thanks for supporting us crafting kids on a daily basis!

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