Thursday, June 21, 2012

No more messy car - the car trash bag!

I need to take a moment to be disturbingly honest with you.  I'm a terrible adult.  I mean, really.  I fall asleep on the couch instead of going up to bed a lot.  I regularly forget to put the trash out on trash day.  And, I have an ongoing pile of trash in my car.

Really, what it comes down to is this...I wake up late, therefore I leave late for work, therefore I'm in a hurry.  So, I eat in the car.  And I have trash as a result (usually a combination of paper towels, half eaten bagels, and the occasional half eaten piece of cold pizza).  I would always put these in that little pocket in the door.  So every time Mr. Jane's Girl would drive my car, he'd cerimoniously empty the door pocket full of trash.  Usually this was associated with some comment of "honey, you're a bad adult."  Yeah, I admit it.  Bad adult here.

And THEN I saw this awesome pinterest project:

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So I made my own...see!!

It's a trash can bag - for my car!  And, the best part is that it fits over my stick shift thing (on an automatic, not a manual) so it's right at my finger tips.

This little button serves no real purpose (I made the hole large enough to just slip over the stick shift) BUT it does make it look a bit more finished.

And see, here it is hanging in my car:

All ready to fill up with junk!

Want your own?  You should serioulsy check out the tutorial I found for it - over here at A Ditchin' Time Quilts.  The pattern is really easy to follow and only takes an hour or so to complete. 

And yes, I know they sell these already all made, but here's the problem with those...they are always made to go on the back of a seat.  I don't have kids and there's usually no one in the back seat that needs to throw trash away.  Just me.  Up here.  In the front seat.  Hence the beauty of this homemade one.  Not to mention, this is way prettier than those bland black ones. 

Have fun!

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