Monday, September 24, 2012

The Bathroom's Bigger Than the Blue Banana

So I thought I'd spend a few posts going over my honeymoon experience.  It was pretty fantastic, and I have a ton of pictures (and didn't craft while I was there) so I figured I'd share.  PLUS if you're going to Maui anytime soon, this is helpful stuff here. 

So this post is all about our (first) hotel room.  We stayed at the Four Season's Maui.  It was the fanciest hotel Chris and I had ever even seen, let alone stepped foot into.  We felt instantly out of place from the first two minutes but the people there were pretty nice so we just pretended like we belonged.  On the way to Maui Chris wanted to tell the airline gate person that he was Michael Phelps and I was his wife, Kelly Clarkson, and it was imperative that we be moved to first class.  Well, once we got to the hotel he would walk around saying "well we have google money" or "I own Apple."  Basically, we were completely ridiculous.

Here's us getting our picture taken in front of the sign.

Now you may be thinking "wow, how embarrassing that you asked to have your picture taken in front of the hotel sign."  My response to you...yes, it was.  But you only live once and we're never going to afford to go back, so dammit, we got our picture taken.
When we arrived they gave us leis, ginger mint lemonade and (no shit) chilled lavender towels.  Chris looked at the woman and said "uh, what am I supposed to do with this?"  She said "refresh yourself" and I was really tempted to wipe my armpits off with it.  We had been traveling for like 15 hours...don't judge.
Then they had a guy take our bags up to our room while giving us a tour of the hotel and explaining our room amenities.  Of course, I asked him to take our picture :)
Look, fancy pants leis.  They wanted $18 for them at the airport!  I was glad I didn't buy one there...
Once the guy left our room we spent the next 15 minutes taking pictures of it.  Seriously.  I had my fancy pants camera and Chris had his phone...and we just lost our minds.  "LOOK, there's a radio built into the bathroom!"  "Free champagne!"  "This balcony area is HUGE!"  "FREE SLIPPERS!!!"
Here are the highlights...
Chris told them it was our honeymoon (with the hopes of getting free stuff, duh) and it worked.  They left a rose, two glasses, and a bottle of champagne in the fridge.  I really should have gone around calling it "champs" a la Real Housewives Orange County Heather.  But I was too busy going "whoa, this is free?"
Here are some other pictures of the room/bathroom...
Yes, the bathroom was bigger than the Blue Banana!  (hopefully I'm not so old that no one knows that movie reference anymore)
Remember how I said this was our first hotel room at the beginning of this post?'s the thing.  This room was pretty awesome.  Garden View with a huge courtyard area to walk out onto grass, lay out, etc.  BUT it also had an adjoining door to the room next door that let noise in and some people came into that room halfway through our stay.  I guess they were still on a weird time schedule because every morning at 3am they would wake up and start loudly watching TV and talking/laughing.  We didn't want to complain (well, I didn't want to complain) but it was a pricey hotel to not be able to get much sleep.  So, we complained.  And by we I mean Chris said something while I refused to even go near the desk as he did ("Uh, I need to use the restroom, and take pictures, and stuff...I'll come meet you after").  And they moved us...
I guess the new room was supposed to be pretty fancy pants.  It was an ocean view and clearly out of our budget.  Here's the view...
Honestly, I just liked that we could sleep in and not get disturbed by noisy neighbors in this one.  Oh, and of course the hotel was just laying it on thick at this point...
It's kind of hard to tell...but these are chocolate covered strawberries with an accompanying "sorry for the trouble with your room."  The woman at the front desk also said to call her directly when we come back and she'll upgrade us for free.  I tried not to laugh...IF we ever come back it will be for a 50th wedding anniversary or something and she'll probably not be there anymore.  But alas, it was an awful nice thing to offer.
Moral of the story: it must be nice to have money and think this is a normal vacation.

More to come!!!


  1. Sue Ann Evans Edens HarbinSeptember 24, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    Oh, Rae! You guys must've really had fun with this trip! Pix gorgeous with your fancy pants camera and all the amenities. I am not EVEN gonna ask how much weight you have to run off now but those strawberries looked vunderbar!!

  2. you should always complain if there are issues, usually they try to help out! but I always let my husband do it too. :) can't wait to see more about maui!