Friday, September 28, 2012

iPhones and Vows

No, this is NOT a post about the new fancy pants iphone.  I have my iphone4 and I heart it.  I'm sure the new one makes pot roast and will create world peace, but I don't care...I like mine.

This is a post about how we used a great new iphone app at our wedding!  A few days before the wedding, I found this great app via pinterest: weddingpartyapp.

Photo Courtesy

First, go onto their website, here...

Then register your wedding.

Once you register you can download free place cards to put around the room that tell your guests how to download the's a pic of one of our tables (before flowers, table numbers, etc) with the wedding app cards on it.

The app is 100% free and seemed to be pretty easy for our guests to use!  As a result, we got a great website full of awesome pics all taken by our guests.  It's pretty much like disposable cameras only much, much better.  It's great because while we wait for our professional photos, we get a chance to see so many photos of the day!

Here were a few of my favs...

Wine glass party favors (and escort cards)

Chris' bar sign.  That bar was his baby, folks.

Us getting ready.  One of my favorites because of Kim lurking behind the door...

Cool as a cucumber...on our way to the wedding

Contemplating his last few moments as a single man...

My sister's hair.  So pretty!

God this cake was good!

First dance...and the only physical record of Chris dancing, ever.

The moustaches were a hit...right Aimee?  :)

So this is my piece of advice for future brides.  Seriously, register for the wedding app and put the cards around your reception.  You'll be so happy you did!


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