Monday, September 17, 2012

AND....I'm back!

Sorry about the longest non-blogging time period ever in the history of blogging and time.  In my defense, here's what I've been up to...

That's me gettin' hitched.  I plan to write a ton more blog posts with wedding projects and a complete recap of the wedding titled "The best day of my life..and the snottiest" - I'm talking actual snot.  Basically I was a complete mess walking down the aisle.  I got so overwhelmed and happy and just hit with all the emotions that I started crying and by the time I got to my man, it was a full out ugly cry, complete with snot.  The good news is he still married me.  It was amazing.  Best.  Wedding.  Ever.  I may be biased.

And then I did this!

That's us on our honeymoon in sunny Maui.  It was beautiful and pretty perfect.  Just like the wedding (only less snot on the honeymoon).

Alright, more to come.  Just wanted to assure the cyber universe that I was alive and well!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous wedding!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!