Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

I LOVED that show...and that game.  LOVED.  So, in honor of Ms. Sandiego herself, I thought I'd see where in the world I've sent birthday boards to!  I always get excited when I send a birthday board to some place that seems really hip, like New York or California...but I also have lots of love for everywhere something I've made travels!

So, I looked back at all of my orders since I started selling birthday boards in March to see where in the world all of my birthday boards have gone.

The grand total...31 States!  Pretty impressive really for 5 months of Birthday Board love!  And the coolest part...this week I'm sending one to Australia!  I've had requests for a few other places around the globe, but the shipping is pretty pricey so many choose not to order.

Me personally, I'm a visual kinda let's see where all these birthday boards have gone...

There are a few gaps (including Missouri..come on folks, I live 30 minutes from the state line) but overall I'm pretty impressed.  It's neat to think that there are things I made hanging all over the U.S. right now.  And Australia!


  1. Wow, congrats on having your boards in so many states! Come on Missourians, get on the stick! (says the gal who hasn't bought one yet and practically lives next door!) I admire your work and wish you success!

    1. Reading the blog (and commenting) is great support! Thanks Sharon!