Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Best Bridal Shower...EVER!

So I mentioned that we had a bridal shower on Saturday - my sisters hosted it for me and it was amazing!  Seriously, I've never been to such a great bridal shower.  They went all out and made it very personal to me. 

Here's a peek:

So here's the spread of the shower - it was amazing!  They had a cute table setup with all of the desserts, I'll go through them one by one.  Oh, and don't mind my super pale legs...I had no idea they were that pale until I started looking at pictures.  Note to self: don't wear a skirt until your legs see some sun.

So they made these awesome mini-fruit pizzas..they were heavenly.  And I mean heavenly...

I think I ate about 42 of them by myself.  My sister got the recipe off of pinterest...they just used a log of store bought cookie dough and rolled it into little balls, then pushed them into paper-lined mini-muffin tins.  They baked them, then filled them with cool-whip and fruit.  They were so pretty and so yummy!  I still have leftovers at home that I'm eating...and I'm also looking for an excuse to need to make them myself.  Here's the website with the original recipe: http://bannerboutique.blogspot.com/2012/04/easiest-mini-deep-dish-fruit-pizzas.html.

They also had a bowl of ring pops which was super cute (and a big hit among pretty much everyone).

Next...fruit parfaits in champagne glasses:

These were delicious and pretty darn classy due to the champagne glasses!

There were a mix of sandwiches - some on rolls and some pinwheel style.

They were both super yummy and a nice mix to all the sweet stuff.  I loved the sandwiches in rolls...very simple and very yummy.

Finally...the cutest thing and I had never seen anything like it before...a cupcake bouquet:

The cupcakes were also wonderful (and I'm also eating leftovers...as is Mr. JG).  It was such a cute way to display them too on the flower stems!  I'm not quite sure what they did with the flowers....

Oh, and did you notice all of my old pictures mixed in?  That was a really nice touch - it was fun for some of my friends to get to see childhood pics of me they'd obviously never seen before.  It was also nice to remind some of my family that I used to be cute and sweet :)

My mom made this Hershey kiss costume - it was pretty awesome.  As were those glasses.  My mom made a lot of my Halloween costumes growing up and they were super involved!  In fact...that makes me think we may need to go back through some of those pictures around Halloween for a dedicated costume post...hmmm...  Oh and in the picture above the costume pic, yes...I am laying out posing on a rock, in hiking boots and socks.  Pretty hot.

Oh, and they had some super cute party favors!!!

They were individual little ceramic pots filled with bags of Hershey kisses.  The best part about these were the details...

They used different colors of bakers twine (which is my favorite) and little hand-stamped metal charms that said thank you.  I mean honestly...this is the kind of stuff that made this party so wonderful!  All of these little details that made it 100% me...every bit of it.

We played games, and they were really involved!  We played a game where we had to match some really old school (we're talking B.C.) wedding traditions with the reasons behind them.  There was another where you were matching up famous people with their spouses - and my sister had pictures of all of the couples together for me.  My younger sister spent a LONG time preparing these games and they were amazing!  I'll see if she has digital copies of the games so that I can share them on the blog...because I can tell she put a lot of work into them.

See, look at all the concentration going on...

Then...the gifts for the game winners were great!  It was a jar of Rae :)  A mason jar (because they will be used all over the wedding) wrapped with baker's twine (because I love it), a JoAnn's gift card (because I'm obsessed with JoAnn's...obsessed), a handmade key chain from my etsy shop, and then some candy.  It was so sweet...another really personal and thoughtful touch that made the day so wonderful!

And did you notice those cute pom pom decorations?

They were off of Etsy, and they were adorable.

And a few more highlights from the shower...

A few of many wonderful gifts!

My future sister in law (who is becoming a blog regular...this is her second pic on here) holding the plate bouquet.

My mom and I.  I love this picture of the two of us...we matched.

And last but certainly not least...the two wonderful sisters that planned this event:

I honestly have been overly girly and emotional about the whole thing.  They are so amazing and thoughtful and while planning a wedding can be really stressful, it's also a really great time to have such wonderful people around you.  I know every single day how lucky I am to have found a wonderful person to spend the rest of my life with and that I am surrounded by an amazing family and wonderful friends that brighten each and every day.  I've never been happier to have all of these amazing people in my life and to be in such a good place in my life.  So thanks, blog reader friends...for coming on the journey with me. 


  1. I'm so glad you loved it! It was definitely a team effort :-)

  2. I second that!! Now if I can just fit in that bridesmaid dress we will be in good shape ;-). We had a great time planning and hosting and we are thrilled you enjoyed it!!

  3. I second that!! Now if I can just fit in that bridesmaid dress we will be in good shape ;-). We had a great time planning and hosting and we are thrilled you enjoyed it!!

  4. I had no thought that organizing a bridal shower would take up so much energy but it was absolutely worth it! We discovered a list of 99 scavenger hunt ideas and placed the topics on the back of t-shirts which was the most wonderful night! Identified an excellent web page that lets you personalize your own unique t- shirts, mugs, invites lots of other neat stuff.

  5. Omg how cute is this! The little cupcakes, and the sandwiches and the games! Did you do anything embarrassing? It's not a proper bridal shower if it's not a little embarrassing in my opinion. I may have added a game like this for extra kick: http://www.printable-party-games.com/party-talk-funny-conversation-cards

  6. I am in process of planning a bridal shower...and you are so correct when you said all in the details!!! I have been looking for "unique" and "amazing" recipes. I will be doing the little pizza things! I mean honestly how adorable are those!!! Plus I know she loves whip cream frosting..so it's double hit!

    I plan on making clipboards, they will be personalized as well This way easier to do games on, and added bonus to take home. Just little sharing if anyone interested. LOL We all have to enable each other!

    Thanks bunches for sharing!
    Jackie P

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  8. Love your work. i agree with lauren, It was definitely a team effort.

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  9. I'm so sad I can't see the pictures :( But, sounds like it was amazing!!

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