Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Six: Bird Cage Card Holder

Today my fiance said "I just feel like we're really behind on all this wedding planning."  Mind you the wedding is about 8 months away and we've booked nearly everything, I've got a dress, etc. heart immediately started pounding and I realized it was time for some wedding crafting.  So here goes...our wedding card holder for the gift table.
Our reception is in a barn.  Have I mentioned that I live in Kansas?  So, the barn just felt right.  I'm trying to do as much of this wedding DIY as possible, so this will not be the last you'll see of the wedding projects (just prepare yourself now if you hate even thinking about weddings...sorry 'bout that).

The other day I was at hobby lobby (buying 25 boxes of Christmas lights to decorate said barn) and I saw this great bird cage that looks rustic/antique and was half price (only $25).  So, of course, I immediately purchased.  Do I have a picture of the birdcage by itself?  Why yes, thanks for asking.  Can I get to it?  This blog is a comedy of errors.  Now my computer is working...but my camera battery died halfway through the birdcage project.  So, I moved to iphone pictures and have not yet found the camera charger.

Anyhow, I printed off a couple of signs for the birdcage on some ivory cardstock.  Is it printer paper?  Oh no, I'm a rebel.

One big one explaining why there's a birdcage on the gift table:

And another smaller card to explain how to get into the cage (since it's not one of those traditional card has a normal door...hopefull it will work ok!)

What was that?  Oh, you said you like my font???  Why thank you.  You sure know how to flatter a girl.  I found both of these awesome fonts on and they are COMPLETELY FREE.  The CARDS sign font is called Romantiques and the Open Me card's font is called A Yummy Apology.  I plan to use both fonts on other stuff at the you'll be seeing them in the near crafting future.

This evening at Michaels (when purchasing my new SMASH if you haven't heard of it...your life will be changed) I found these wonderful paper flowers.

They looks a little darker green and brown in thsi picture than they acually are...they are really kind of light and soft and pretty.  Anyway, I originally planned to make my own paper flowers, however I wasn't exactly prepared to spend $40+ on a new cricut cartridge so I tried googling some patterns.  Martha Stewart's website has a great tutorial for making beautiful peonies.  HOWEVER...homegirl is serioulsy making her own paper which takes like two hours then taking another two hours to hand cut these damn things.  I mean...seriously...lady I've got some Real Housewives on DVR so I ain't got the time for that crap.

Anyway, I started hot gluing away....and here's how it turned out.

 I added a gromet to the open me tag and used a ribbon to tie it onto the door.

Project 1 of 24896314682357 for the wedding done...

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