Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Five: Felt Flowers

The other night I was laying out my clothes for work the next day and came to the conclusion that my wardrobe really needed a pop of color.  So what is a girl to do when this happens at 10 o'clock at night...pull out the felt and glue gun of course!  I saw theses great felt flowers online and decided it would make a great pin. 

You'll need:
hot glue gun
something circular to trace
pin backing

So here's how I did it:

(1) Find some circular to use as a pattern (for a larger flower I used a mason jar lid, for a smaller one I used something about the size of a spool of thread).

(2) Start tracing yourself some circles on felt.  Both of these flowers used one circle for the base (side not here - for the smaller flower all of my circles were the same size, but for my larger flower I made the base circle smaller so I wouldn't have something quite so huge).  Then I probably used another 6 or so circles for the petals.

(3) Now for the petals.  Take a circle and fold it in half.

Then fold it in half again.

Then snip the corner off (the part that's the center of your flower).

Then glue that part onto the center of your base circle.  You'll have to hold it there for a bit as your hot glue dries.

Then just start gluing (is that a word?  it doesn't look right, does it?) your other petals next to it.  Try to change up the way you are gluing them so that they aren't all facing the same direction and it looks more natural.  In the end, this is how my flower came out.

Now glue your pin backing onto the back side.

Then wear 'em!  TA DA!


  1. Super cute, Rae! Love these!!!

  2. Thanks, Marie! They were super easy and fast! I really want to make a bunch in every color so I can mix and match them with my outfits.