Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Directional Sign

For our wedding, Mr. J.G. did some crafting of his own and made this awesome directional sign.

Photo by Earl Richardson,

We bought a few skinny pieces of wood from Home Depot then I came home to this one day...

That's right...Crafty McGilicuty in all his glory.  Once he had it all built, he painted the sign to include some important places including our honeymoon location.  Did you notice he even painted a flower on there?  He's a really talented artist - his mom has a number of his drawings in her house (color me jealous...I've been begging him to draw something for a while now).

ANYWAY, we put the sign in an old milk can and held it up with a bunch of sand in the can.  It came out pretty cute and was a fun thing to greet our guests!

Want your own?  Shoot me an email and Mr. J.G. will make it!  Uh, I haven't cleared this with him at all so email at your own risk :)

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