Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Too legit to quit (heyyy heyyyyyyyyyy)

So, I'm on the road right now for my 8-5 job.  BUT do not fear...I was busy crafting before I left in preparation for my big craft fair THIS SATURDAY!  Say what?!?!  It's the Basehor Craft Fair - held from 8am to 4pm this Saturday, November 3 at the Basehor Linwood High School.  If you're in the area, seriously consider coming out to visit us!  My mom is helping me with the booth and I think Mr. J.G.'s mom, Patty, will be stopped by as well.  It's $2-3 to get into the fair so bring a little cash...and then come and look around and find lots of good stuff to take home!

Here are some of the things I'll be selling...

Tote bags made with recycled grocery sacks (and some pretty fabric as well)!  This was the first one I made and very quickly wanted to just keep for myself.  But don't fear (because I'm sure you were super worried) - I'll be selling all these!!!

I found that the target bag patterns made some really nice plastic bag "fabric" so I used those for quite a few of them.  I honestly had more supplies but just ran out of time.

I'll also have my mason jar sewing kits for sale...

And a ton of I spy bags for the kids.

Oh and of course I'll have some birthday boards for sale - family birthday and some classroom birthday boards.

And here's what else...when I wasn't looking I hit 10,000 blog views today!  Say what?!?!

You know what that means.  I'm legit...

...too legit to quit.

(I'm in a hotel room, by myself, between yes, I'm bored.)

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