Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eeek, how long has it been?

I am officially a terrible blogger.  I never update.  I say I will.  And I don't.  But in my's what I've been up to!

We got our engagement pictures taken!  Yay!  And then we ordered some save the dates, which should be arriving in the mail shortly. 

I found a great listing on Etsy for our Save the Dates -  It was only $20 for her to crop our picture and add the text and turn it into a postcard (front and back) then I uploaded the file onto vistaprint and got 100 postcards for $25..not too shabby.

I also have started the process of ordering invitations.  This wedding will be happening in no time!

Oh, and this happened....

I'm a pretty diehard KU fan, so having a rebuilding year team make it to a championship game, and then give an NBA-esque Kentucky team a good fight in the second half, really made my year.  Basically, if KU basketball is on TV then everything else just comes to a stand still in our house.

I've also been pretty busy selling stuff on Etsy - I've gotten multilpe custom orders for my Birthday Boards.  I've sold 3 in a week and a half, so I'm pretty stoked.  Yeah, I used the term stoked.

Here's a custom board I'm just finishing up.

So see, I have been busy.  It wasn't a lie.  But I'm also working on getting some more posts up here.  I made a menu board that is already changing our lives...well kind of.  I mean I went to the store and had a grocery list and have starting cooking more meals at home.  For us, that's life changing.

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