Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Happy Place

This has been a really productive weekend for us, which is much needed!  Yesterday I picked up Chris' wedding band from the jeweler, we got our engagement pictures taken, and we registered at Target.  So...not too shabby.  It was super windy for the pictures but our photographer is awesome so I'm sure we got some good ones in there.  Oh...and we had Chris' wedding band sized for him, and now it's just a wee bit tight.  SOOOO, he has to go to the store this week while I'm at work and see if they can stretch it to get it to fit, or figure out some good alternative...yikes!

Yesterday, while it was windy, it was still a nice day with bits of sun.  We've had our windows open while we enjoy this weather, which made me realize just how nice our dining room looks!  I moved in with Chris last year and we very quickly realized that we had 4 couches, 3 dining room tables, 4 queen size name it, we had it in triplicate.  We had a massive garage sale and sold all of our older furniture so now we have a nice mix of his and mine.  However, the dining room is the only room (so far) that we've decorated together.  I took a few pictures yesterday because I just LOVE how it turned out...

You can see Ludo's tail in the lower left hand's pretty impossible to get a picture of this room without getting a pet in the way.  Petey was getting a pedicure at the vet, otherwise I'm sure he would be in all of them!  Anyway, we picked out all of this awesome furniture together from World Market when they were having a huge sale (something like 50% off all furniture).  We went for the mix and match to liven it up a bit.

The wing-back chair is my favorite (I just noticed Ludo is once again in the picture).  The chair is pretty big though so we just went for one..but I love the pattern and the unexpected nature of having this kind of chair at a dining room table.

I also love the sweet little yellow patterned chair.  It's super feminine which is a nice touch in an otherwise very masculine room.

I love the shape of it and it's pretty comfy too.

I made a centerpiece out of a bunch of our antique finds and some hand me downs.

I found the old scale at an antique store for $7 and the two candle holders are supposed to hold canning jars - I think they were a couple of bucks each.  I LOVED the watering can and plan to use it (along with the scale) as wedding centerpiece items.  The smaller daisy churn is on loan from Chris' mom, while the large one is something I picked up.  Finally, the cookbooks were my great aunt's...they look great on the table and it's nice to have something from family in the mix.

Here's a few close ups:

We decorated the walls with some other antique store and craigslist finds.  Including...

A parking meter I found on craigslist and decided I NEEDED to have.

Another thing I fell in love with...that Chris had to figure out how to hang on the wall.  I love the fact that it's rusted and beat up.

A rusty old mailbox.

Chris found this old picture of a military unit (or whatever they are called) at a garage sale.  It was in a broken, cheap frame so they only wanted $15 for it.  We re-framed it ourselves with supplies from Michaels and now it looks awesome!

And we had these old pictures of Leavenworth, Kansas that look nice in here. (oh and I tried to take a picture without my reflection...but eventually gave up and figured it would work).

Well I know this isn't at all a crafting project...but it's my favorite room in our house.

It's sunny outside, KU is playing tonight ROCK CHALK, and I've almost completed two family birthday boards to add to my Etsy page.  So...I'm done blogging for today.  Enjoy your weekend!

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